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Saturday March 18th, 2017

Expression of Interest For Damien Foundation Belgium Funded Project

Invitation to Submit: An Expression of Interest -2017 For Damien Foundation Belgium Funded Project The Damien Foundation Belgium [DFB] Nepal office invites interested organizations to submit […]
Saturday March 18th, 2017

Vacancy Announcement for TB Leprosy Supervisor

The Damien Foundation Belgium [DFB] is a non-governmental organization, independent, apolitical and pluralist. It is specialized in Leprosy and Tuberculosis control poverty related diseases and work […]
Friday February 10th, 2017

सन् २०२० सम्म कुष्ठरोग निवारण गरिने लक्ष्य

सन् २०२० सम्म नेपाललाई पूर्ण रुपले कुष्ठरोग निवारण देश बनाउने लक्ष्य सरकारको छ । ‘समयमानै कुष्ठरोगको उपचार गरौा, अपाङ्गता हुनबाट बचौंँ’ भन्ने मूलनाराका साथ भोलि यो […]

About Our Foundation

Who are we

Damien Foundation Nepal is a charitable Non-Governmental Organisation for Leprosy and TB Control Activities in Nepal is supported by Damien Foundation Belgium. It offers Leprosy and TB related services either directly through its own projects or through local NGO projects.

Our history

How Damien Foundation came to be is an interesting anecdote and can be linked to one defining moment. It started with a timely gift of jute bags for sand-filling from India to Belgium in 1953 when it was ravaged by floods.